Who We Are

We are like minded group of people committed to bring total prosperity, love and peace in the society by the art of serving and spreading awareness. We all are highly educated and well placed in society by the grace of almighty but always have the eagerness to bring full proof systems for the people that brings financial independence and social harmony in life.



Our Mission is to create a platform/framework that facilitates and promotes product and services based on cow and related allied technologies. The platform will generate huge revenues by collaboration of people, business and technology.

Our single and, focused mission is to always engage our self to commercialise all cow based product and services so that cows are not treated as burden or overload rather as blessings that brings prosperity and happiness to each individuals.


Our vision is to bring back the prosperity and harmony of ancient saint age in the society by the end of our life time while leading an ideal family life, power of collaboration and healthy relationship in the society.


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