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 e-Learning registration participation(Call/Webinar/Event) for Awareness regarding benefits of using Co…

2,000.00 3,000

Buy Vermicompost for homegrown vegetable and flowers and Earn by referring to others  

80.00 100

Goudhan Dhupbati prepared from Desi Cow dung,Gugul and other rare ayurvedic mixturesshould be used for killi…

150.00 200

Goudhan Anti Radiation Chip is prepared from Indigenous Desi Cow Dung


Gou Gel Cloth Wash is prepared from non toxic components and Cow Urin Ark and Neem

90.00 100

Goudhan Toilet Cleaner is prepared from Indigenous Cow Urin Neem Ark 

160.00 180

Goudhan Tile  and Marble Cleaner  is prepared from Cow Neem Ark to provide a pure and santised environment


Gou Shampoo is Herbal and prepared from Desi Cow Gou Ark and other herbal ingredients


Gou Hair Oil is a herbal product prepared from Bharatiya Gou Ark and other essential herbs essential for hai…


Gou Mosquito Cream is a herbal product to keep the mosquito away naturally without act of violence


Gou Oxy Powder is prepared from Bhatiya Cow GouMaya Ash is a completely Vedic  Principle useful to increaseP…


It is an Ayurvedic Moisturizing Cream useful in treating Skin Infections, Burns and as a wash for wounds. …


Gou DantManjan is prepared from Bharatiya goumaya and other herbal product


You lands is prepared from 100% Bharatiya gou mata dung and milk  useful for holy hawan as per vedic guidanc…


Gou Dish wash is a complete organic way of.  Washing  the dishes


GoIine gIass and mirror cIeaner is prepared from Bharatiya Gou Ark and an excellent alternative  to High che…

70.00 80

Giudhan face pack is chemical free and gives a radiant look without any side effect

160.00 200

Goudhan hair oil is completely herbal and prepared with essential herbs and Bharatiya cow iron ark

70.00 100

Gold and Silver cleaner is used to clear the dirt and gives a new glowing look to the ornaments

250.00 300

Goudhan Aloe gel is very much essential for all type of skin problem and completely herbal with addition of …


Giudhan dishwash powder is made from Bharatiya Desi Cowdung ash and other organic ingredients

180.00 200

Gou Prasadam an attempt to prepare coocked food from poisonless Rice Dal and vegitables

180.00 200

Gou Prasadam an attempt to prepare coocked food from poisonless Rice Dal and vegitables